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Statistics of extremes in hydrology
The statistics of extremes have played an important role in engineering practice for water resources design and management. How recent developments in the statistical theory of extreme values can beExpand
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A framework to implement Stakeholder participation in environmental projects.
Participation has emerged as an appropriate approach for enhancing natural resources management. However, despite long experimentation with participation, there are still possibilities forExpand
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A scale-dependent Lagrangian dynamic model for large eddy simulation of complex turbulent flows
A scale-dependent dynamic subgrid model based on Lagrangian time averaging is proposed and tested in large eddy simulations (LES) of high-Reynolds number boundary layer flows over homogeneous andExpand
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Distributed fiber-optic temperature sensing for hydrologic systems
Instruments for distributed fiber-optic measurement of temperature are now available with temperature resolution of 0.01°C and spatial resolution of 1 m with temporal resolution of fractions of aExpand
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A scale-dependent dynamic model for large-eddy simulation: application to a neutral atmospheric boundary layer
A scale-dependent dynamic subgrid-scale model for large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows is proposed. Unlike the traditional dynamic model, it does not rely on the assumption that the modelExpand
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On Monin–Obukhov Similarity In The Stable Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Atmospheric measurements from several field experiments have been combined to develop a better understanding of the turbulence structure of the stable atmospheric boundary layer. Fast response windExpand
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Hydrologic cycle explains the evaporation paradox
The evaporation of water, measured using evaporation pans, has been decreasing in the past few decades over large areas with different climates. The common interpretation is that the trend is relatedExpand
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Fiber optics opens window on stream dynamics
A new approach to monitoring surface waters using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing is presented, allowing resolutions of temperature of 0.01°C every meter along a fiber optic cable of upExpand
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On the concept of equilibrium evaporation and the value of the Priestley-Taylor coefficient.
An analytical expression is derived for the Priestley-Taylor coefficient, a. This coefficient is generally interpreted as the ratio between the actual evaporation rate and the equilibrium evaporationExpand
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Large-eddy simulation of neutral atmospheric boundary layer flow over heterogeneous surfaces: Blending height and effective surface roughness
[1] A new generation large-eddy simulation (LES), based on a Lagrangian scaledependent dynamic subgrid model, is applied to neutral atmospheric flow over heterogeneous land surfaces. This LES isExpand
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