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From Committee to Community: The Development and Maintenance of a Community of Practice
Despite the benefits associated with teacher development through participation in communities of practice, many questions about these groups remain unanswered. The purpose of this qualitative studyExpand
Investigating the Reciprocal Nature of Service-Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education
Constructivism theory (Crotty, 1998) served as the framework to investigate the reciprocal nature of a service-learning project that involved physical education pre-service teachers and urbanExpand
Reconceptualising organisational role theory for contemporary organisational contexts
Purpose – This research seeks to review extant organisational role theory (ORT) literature, and to identify issues that limit its usefulness to contemporary academics and practitionersExpand
Meaningful Learning in Professional Development: Teaching Without Telling
The purpose of this study was to examine the pedagogy of facilitation within physical education professional development (PD). Specific research questions were: 1) What were the self-identifiedExpand
Mapping the landscape of communities of practice as professional development in Irish physical education
Numerous primary and post-primary communities of practice (CoP) are used as educational change mechanisms to support teachers improving physical education (PE) practice in Irish schools. This study'sExpand
Helping Teachers Help Themselves
For school administrators to facilitate impactful teacher professional development, a shift in thinking that goes beyond the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to helping teachers rethink theirExpand
Teacher education communities of practice: More than a culture of collaboration
Abstract Teacher educator professional learning, like teacher education, can be messy and complex. This study's purpose was to explore physical education teacher educators' understandings of howExpand
A Critical Examination of the Curriculum of Physical Education Teacher Education Doctoral Programs
Concerns have been raised in the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) doctoral education literature regarding: (a) the narrowness of research preparation, (b) the emphasis on disciplinaryExpand
Moving from ‘things to do on Monday’ to student learning: physical education professional development facilitators' views of success
Background: Facilitation within successful professional development (PD) requires individuals working with a cadre of teachers to examine and reframe their practices, navigating the complexitiesExpand
Signature pedagogies in support of teachers’ professional learning
Signature pedagogies [Shulman, L. 2005. “Signature pedagogies in the professions.” Daedalus 134 (3): 52–59.] are a focus of teacher educators seeking to improve teaching and teacher education. TheExpand