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Ethnicity and the Persistence of Inequality: The Case of Peru
Introduction Appendix: Background on Peru The Complexity and Salience of Ethnic Identity in Peru Appendix: The Methodology of the CRISE Perception Survey: The Questionnaire and the Sample D.SulmontExpand
Group Inequalities and the Nature and Power of Collective Action: Case Studies from Peru
Summary The paper explores collective action in Peru through community level case studies. It asks why extreme inequality between groups has persisted for so long and whether a weak propensity toExpand
The glocalization of mining conflict: Cases from Peru
Abstract Investments in extractive industries, predominantly mining, have catalyzed significant economic growth at the national level in Latin America. However, they have also been met withExpand
Fluid identities: Exploring ethnicity in Peru.
This paper analyses information about salient ethnic identities collected through a survey applied in three areas of Peru in August 2005, and through follow-up interviews in June 2006. It exploresExpand
The Transformation of Spanish-language Radio in the U.S.
This paper critically examines the transformation of the Spanish-language radio industry that is currently underway in the United States. It is an effort to broadly understand the changes takingExpand
The Persistence of Horizontal Inequalities and the Role of Policy: The Case of Peru
The paper studies a case of deeply embedded group or “horizontal” inequalities, and asks why part of the reason for this persistence of inequality appears to be that even well-intentioned policiesExpand
Collective Action, Conflict and Ethnicity in Peru.
This paper explores violent and non-violent collective action in Peru through communitylevel case studies. It tries to shed light on why widespread political violence emerged only late in the day –Expand
Weak Indigenous Politics in Peru.
This paper aims to show how, until 1980, an enormous proportion of people in Peru was disenfranchised, particularly in the periphery of the Highlands and the Rain Forest, where most indigenous peopleExpand