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Size and power considerations for testing loglinear models using divergence test statistics
In this article, we assume that categorical data are distributed according to a multinomial distribution whose probabilities follow a loglinear model. The inference problem we consider is that ofExpand
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A comparison of uniformity tests
Problems of goodness-of-fit to a given distribution can usually be reduced to test uniformity. The uniform distribution appears due to natural random events or due to the application of methods forExpand
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Minimum Φ-divergence estimator in logistic regression models
A general class of minimum distance estimators for logistic regression models based on the ϕ-divergence measures is introduced: The minimum ϕ-divergence estimator, which is seen to be aExpand
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Minimum Φ-Divergence Estimator and Φ-Divergence Statistics in Generalized Linear Models with Binary Data
In this paper, we assume that the data are distributed according to a binomial distribution whose probabilities follow a generalized linear model. To fit the data the minimum φ-divergence estimatorExpand
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Abstract In this paper we investigate the Jensen-Shannon parametric divergence for testing goodness-of-fit for point estimation. Most of the work presented is an analytical study of the asymptoticExpand
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About distances of discrete distributions satisfying the data processing theorem of information theory
  • M. Pardo, I. Vajda
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory
  • 1 July 1997
The distances of discrete probability distributions are considered. Necessary and sufficient conditions for validity of the data processing theorem of information theory are established. TheseExpand
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Asymptotic approximations for the distributions of the (h,φ)-divergence goodness-of-fit statistics : Application to Renyi's statistic
Read (1984) presented an asymptotic expansion for the distribution function of the power divergence statistics whose speed of convergence is dependent on the parameter of the family. Generalizes thatExpand
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Estimation of parameters for a mixture of normal distributions on the basis of the cressie and read divergence
The estimation of the five parameters of the mixture of two normal components is studied, with emphasis on the estimation of mixing proportion. The method proposed is based on the power-divergenceExpand
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A test for uniformity based on informational energy
In this paper a test of fit for uniformity based on the estimated Informational Energy is proposed. The test usesm-step spacings. The test is shown to be a consistent test of the null hypothesis.Expand
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A statistical information theory approach to compare the homogeneity of several variances
On the basis of the informational energy an alternative test of homogeneity of variances in samples from normal populations is developed. In addition, several of the more well-known statistics forExpand
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