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Vulnerability assessment for cascading failures in electric power systems
Cascading failures present severe threats to power grid security, and thus vulnerability assessment of power grids is of significant importance. Focusing on analytic methods, this paper reviews theExpand
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Research on Common-Mode and Dependent (CMD) Outage Events in Power Systems: A Review
The purpose of this paper is to present a review of some fundamental concepts and practical applications in the area of common-mode and dependent outage events in power systems. Expand
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A novel statistical-based analysis of WECC bulk transmission reliability data
This paper has presented a new statistical-based approach for analyzing the transmission outage data. The method is applied to the WECC TRD outage data collected by member utilities across WesternExpand
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Dynamic voltage support of the transmission network from distribution level
This paper shows that providing dynamic voltage regulation with a few smaller size distribution level static VAr systems (SVSs) has more advantages than a large lumped SVSs on transmission level. TheExpand
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Optimal Load Shedding for Mitigation of Cascading Failures in Power Grids
We use a deterministic cascade propagation model based on thermal overloading limits on the transmission lines to achieve a load shedding protection mechanism to mitigate cascading failures. Expand
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Microcomputer based embedded SCADA and RFID systems implemented on LINUX platform
Possibilities and ways of design, implementation and application of microcomputer based embedded SCADA and RFID systems implemented on LINUX platform are considered, proposed and described in the paper. Expand
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