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Relationships between algebra, differential equations and logic in England 1800-1860
This thesis surveys the links between mathematics and algebraic logic in England in the first half of the 19th century. In particular, we show the impact that De Morgan's work on the calculus ofExpand
William Wallace and the introduction of continental calculus to Britain: A letter to George Peacock
Abstract Little is known about William Wallace' work and even less about his attempts to introduce Continental calculus to Britain in the early 19th century. A letter written by him to George PeacockExpand
The Mathematical Background of George Boole’s Mathematical Analysis of Logic (1847)
This paper examines the mathematical stimuli that induced George Boole to conceive of a general calculus of symbols, and eventually of his first algebra of logic, as in his Mathematical Analysis ofExpand
French ¿logique¿ and British ¿logic¿: on the origins of Augustus De Morgan's early logical inquiries, 1805¿1835
Abstract Augustus De Morgan's career is characterized by a ceaseless joint attention to mathematics and logic. In this essay, we investigate the factors that urged him to become involved with logic,Expand
French 'logique' and British 'logic': On the origins of augustus de Morgan's early logical inquiries, 1805-1835
  • M. Panteki
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
  • British Logic in the Nineteenth Century
  • 2008
This chapter presents an overview of the French and British logic on the origins of Augustus De Morgan's early logical inquiries, during the period 1805–1835. Expand