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Assessment of bradykinesia in Parkinson's disease patients through a multi-parametric system
The aim of this paper is to describe and present the results of the automatic detection and assessment of bradykinesia in motor disease patients using wireless, wearable accelerometers. Expand
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Renewable energy for rural areas of Bolivia
This paper analyses the current status of rural renewable energy in Bolivia and provides and employs an analysis framework to study the network of stakeholders that determines the adoption,Expand
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Gait assessment in Parkinson's disease patients through a network of wearable accelerometers in unsupervised environments
This work focused on the design of unsupervised method for the assessment of gait in PD patients. Expand
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Sustainability-driven innovation at the bottom: Insights from grassroots ecopreneurs
This research focuses on a little studied area within the future of global sustainability, that of grassroots ecopreneurs. While living and working in resource-constrained environments theseExpand
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Crafting Sustainable Development Solutions: Frugal Innovations of Grassroots Entrepreneurs
A shift in the entrepreneurial landscape is taking place brought about by grassroots innovators with little formal education and technological knowhow, living and working in penurious environments.Expand
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Handbook on Science and Public Policy
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Framing inclusive innovation within the discourse of development: Insights from case studies in India
The concept of ‘inclusive innovation’ for development has become increasingly prominent in both academic and policy discourses, raising important questions as to how this is being framed. ResultsExpand
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Frugality, Grassroots and Inclusiveness: New Challenges for Mainstream Innovation Theories
Intriguing and provocative concepts such as frugal innovation, Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) innovation, empathetic innovation and inclusive innovation are attracting the attention of many scholars inExpand
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Eco-Innovation at the “Bottom of the Pyramid”
The projected exponential rise in the 80 % of humanity living on less than $10 a day (largely in the developing world) – the so-called “bottom of pyramid (BoP)”’ – suggests that their behavior,Expand
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