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The Medical and Veterinary Role of Ornithodoros erraticus Complex Ticks (Acari: Ixodida) on the Iberian Peninsula
It is suggested that this species could probably be eradicated from Iberian pig farms, as their ecology makes them an extremely effective reservoir of both ASFV and the Borrelia species which cause tick-borne relapsing fever in humans. Expand
Rickettsia lusitaniae sp. nov. isolated from the soft tick Ornithodoros erraticus (Acarina: Argasidae).
A novel Rickettsia from the spotted fever group, isolated from Ornithodoros erraticus soft ticks collected from pigpens in the south of Portugal, is described and proposed as a novel species. Expand
Borrelia hispanica in Ornithodoros erraticus, Portugal.
The results confirm natural, but albeit low, persistence of this agent in Portugal, caused by B. hispanica. Expand
Portuguese hosts for Ornithodoros erraticus ticks.
Investigation of arthropod blood meal composition provides evidence linking the vector to specific hosts, providing insights into possible disease reservoirs, and demonstrates the importance of blood meal analysis to determine tick hosts providing a tool for investigation of sylvatic cycle for Borrelia hispanica. Expand