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Surface modification of MnFe₂O₄ nanoparticles to impart intrinsic multiple fluorescence and novel photocatalytic properties.
The MnFe2O4 nanoparticle has been among the most frequently chosen systems due to its diverse applications in the fields ranging from medical diagnostics to magnetic hyperthermia and site-specificExpand
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Distance matching based gesture recognition for healthcare using Microsoft's Kinect sensor
Gesture recognition for healthcare aiding independent living of young and elderly individuals has been a focused area of research. The purpose of this work is to identify 14 distinct gestures ofExpand
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An interval type-2 fuzzy approach for real-time EEG-based control of wrist and finger movement
Abstract Feature extraction and automatic classification of mental states is an interesting and open area of research in the field of brain–computer interfacing (BCI). A well-trained classifier wouldExpand
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Clustering based online automatic objective reduction to aid many-objective optimization
Starting from scalability to visualization, several challenges come into play when multi-objective optimization algorithms are applied to many-objective optimization problems. These challenges can beExpand
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A bacterial foraging optimization and learning automata based feature selection for motor imagery EEG classification
Selection of relevant features is an open problem in Brain-computer interfacing (BCI) research. Sometimes, features extracted from brain signals are high dimensional which in turn affects theExpand
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Electrooculography based blink detection to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome
The present work proposes an artificial system capable of preventing Computer Vision Syndrome from the analysis of eye movements. Ocular data is recorded using an Electrooculogram signal acquisitionExpand
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Synthesis of Atomically Thin Transition Metal Ditelluride Films by Rapid Chemical Transformation in Solution Phase
The controlled synthesis of large-area, atomically thin molybdenum and tungsten ditelluride (MoTe2 and WTe2) crystals is crucial for their emerging applications based on the attractive electronicExpand
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DECOR: Differential Evolution using Clustering based Objective Reduction for many-objective optimization
Abstract Challenges like scalability and visualization which make multi-objective optimization algorithms unsuitable for solving many-objective optimization problems, are often handled usingExpand
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Many-objective feature selection for motor imagery EEG signals using differential evolution and support vector machine
Processing of the movement related task under planning by artificial means provides a means to those people whose natural modality of performing the task is bottlenecked by physical disability orExpand
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Classifying Electrooculogram to Detect Directional Eye Movements
Human computer interfaces that can be controlled by eye movements may be used as intelligent rehabilitation aids. Electrooculogram (EOG), the bio-potential produced around eyes due to eye ball motionExpand
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