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New vegetal sources for milk clotting enzymes
Abstract Seven Papilionoideae species (Eriosema shirense, E. ellipticum, E. pauciflorum, E. gossweilleri, E. psoraleoides, Adenolichos anchietae and Droogmansia megalantha), the roots of which areExpand
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Explant region-specific embryogenic competence and plant recovery inCamellia japonica
The culture conditions for direct, indirect, and repetitive embryogenesis were established forCamellia japonica cv. Elegans and cv. Ville de Nantes. Direct embryo production from leaves averaged 15.3Expand
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Plant regeneration from embryogenic suspension cultures ofCamellia Japonica
Two methods (I and II) for somatic embryo production from embryogenic suspension cultures ofCamellia japonica are presented. Method I, embryogenic suspension cultures, was established from suspensionExpand
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Isolation and characterization of novel polymorphic nuclear microsatellite markers from Ophrys fusca (Orchidaceae) and cross-species amplification
The present study reports the isolation and characterization of eight new polymorphic microsatellite loci from the sexually deceptive orchid Ophrys fusca. Microsatellites were isolated from twoExpand
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