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Time to initiation of fluconazole therapy impacts mortality in patients with candidemia: a multi-institutional study.
BACKGROUND Inadequate antimicrobial treatment is an independent determinant of hospital mortality, and fungal bloodstream infections are among the types of infection with the highest rates ofExpand
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The Origin of the “Ideal” Body Weight Equations
OBJECTIVE: To provide a historical perspective on the origin and similarity of the “ideal” body weight (IBW) equations, and clarify the terms ideal and lean body weight (LBW). DATA SOURCES: PrimaryExpand
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Vancomycin: we can't get there from here.
BACKGROUND We sought to characterize the pharmacodynamic profile of the more intensive vancomycin dosing regimens currently used in response to the recent vancomycin guidelines. METHODS A series ofExpand
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Innovative approaches to optimizing the delivery of vancomycin in individual patients.
The delivery of personalized antimicrobial therapy is a critical component in the treatment of patients with invasive infections. Vancomycin, the drug of choice for infections due toExpand
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Estimation of creatinine clearance in morbidly obese patients.
PURPOSE Estimates of creatinine clearance (CL(cr)) based on equations and various body-size descriptors were compared with 24-hour measured CL(cr) values in morbidly obese patients. METHODSExpand
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Association of Fluconazole Area under the Concentration-Time Curve/MIC and Dose/MIC Ratios with Mortality in Nonneutropenic Patients with Candidemia
ABSTRACT The present study tested in vitro susceptibility of Candida bloodstream isolates to fluconazole to determine if the ratio of the fluconazole area under the concentration-time curve (AUC) orExpand
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Estimating the glomerular filtration rate in obese adult patients for drug dosing.
  • M. Pai
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  • 1 September 2010
One-third of adult Americans are currently classified as obese. Physiologic changes associated with obesity can potentially alter the clearance of commonly used drugs. Clearance of certain drugs byExpand
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Antimicrobial Dosing Considerations in Obese Adult Patients
As obesity continues to increase in prevalence throughout the world, it becomes important to explore the effects that obesity has on antimicrobial disposition. Physiologic changes in obesity canExpand
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Drug Dosing Based on Weight and Body Surface Area: Mathematical Assumptions and Limitations in Obese Adults
  • M. Pai
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  • 1 September 2012
The average weight of adults in the United States has increased by 25 pounds (11 kg) over the past 50 years, with a marginal change in height. Drugs are generally dosed according to one of threeExpand
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Refining Vancomycin Protein Binding Estimates: Identification of Clinical Factors That Influence Protein Binding
ABSTRACT While current data indicate only free (unbound) drug is pharmacologically active and is most predictive of response, pharmacodynamic studies of vancomycin have been limited to measurement ofExpand
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