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Rich-Club Organization of the Human Connectome
The human brain is a complex network of interlinked regions. Recent studies have demonstrated the existence of a number of highly connected and highly central neocortical hub regions, regions thatExpand
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Functionally linked resting‐state networks reflect the underlying structural connectivity architecture of the human brain
During rest, multiple cortical brain regions are functionally linked forming resting‐state networks. This high level of functional connectivity within resting‐state networks suggests the existence ofExpand
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High-cost, high-capacity backbone for global brain communication
Network studies of human brain structural connectivity have identified a specific set of brain regions that are both highly connected and highly central. Recent analyses have shown that theseExpand
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Normalized Cut Group Clustering of Resting-State fMRI Data
Background Functional brain imaging studies have indicated that distinct anatomical brain regions can show coherent spontaneous neuronal activity during rest. Regions that show such correlatedExpand
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Efficiency of Functional Brain Networks and Intellectual Performance
Our brain is a complex network in which information is continuously processed and transported between spatially distributed but functionally linked regions. Recent studies have shown that theExpand
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Aberrant Frontal and Temporal Complex Network Structure in Schizophrenia: A Graph Theoretical Analysis
Brain regions are not independent. They are interconnected by white matter tracts, together forming one integrative complex network. The topology of this network is crucial for efficient informationExpand
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Abnormal rich club organization and functional brain dynamics in schizophrenia.
IMPORTANCE The human brain forms a large-scale structural network of regions and interregional pathways. Recent studies have reported the existence of a selective set of highly central andExpand
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Glutamate in schizophrenia: a focused review and meta-analysis of ¹H-MRS studies.
Schizophrenia is a severe chronic psychiatric illness, characterized by hallucinations and delusions. Decreased brain volumes have been observed in the disease, although the origin of these changesExpand
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Microstructural Organization of the Cingulum Tract and the Level of Default Mode Functional Connectivity
The default mode network is a functionally connected network of brain regions that show highly synchronized intrinsic neuronal activation during rest. However, less is known about the structuralExpand
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An Anatomical Substrate for Integration among Functional Networks in Human Cortex
The human brain shows several characteristics of an efficient communication network architecture, including short communication paths and the existence of modules interlinked by a small set of highlyExpand
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