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Synthesis and microbial inhibition study of novel 5-imidazolyl substituted isoxazolidines.
Isoxazolidines, 4a and 4f exhibited more potent inhibition towards antifungal activity than the other isoxazolidine prepared, and were screened for their antibacterial activities against S. aureus, E. coli and B. subtilis. Expand
Enhancement in antimicrobial activity of 2-(phenyl)-3-(2-butyl-4-chloro-1H-imidazolyl)-5-butylate isoxazolidine.
The trans rich isomer, 2-(phenyl)-3-(2-butyl-4-chloro-1H-imidazolyl)-5- butylate isoxazolidine A was synthesized by the condensation of E isomer rich nitrone 4 with butyl acrylate in an inert solvent and enhanced antifungal activity was observed. Expand
N-Methyl Morpholine Chlorochromate: An Efficient Reagent for Oxidation of Primary and Secondary Alcohols to Carbonyl Compounds
Abstract Instantaneous generation of N-methyl morpholine chlorochromate (NMMCC) is an efficient reagent for oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols to the corresponding carbonyl compounds. TheExpand
Synthesis and evaluation of trimethoxyphenyl isoxazolidines as inhibitors of secretory phospholipase A2 with anti-inflammatory activity.
A series of trimethoxyphenyl isoxazolidine derivatives, 5a(i-v) and 5b(i-v), bearing different constituents at the 5th position of the isoxazolidine ring were synthesized and evaluated in vitro andExpand
An efficient synthesis of 2-(1-methyl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridin-3-yl)morpholine: a potent M1 selective muscarinic agonist
2-(1-Methyl-1,2,5,6-tetrahydropyridin-3-yl)morpholine is useful for synthesizing potent antimicrobials including the arecoline derivatives, phendimetrazine and polygonapholine and was synthesised inExpand
Crystal structure of 2-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-(methylsulfanyl)acrylonitrile
In the title compound, C17H14ClNOS, the aromatic rings are inclined to one another by 64.22 (9)°, and molecules are linked via pairs of C—H⋯π interactions, forming inversion dimers. Expand
A Hirshfeld Surface Analysis and Crystal Structure of 2’-[1-(2-Fluoro-Phenyl)-1H-tetrazol-5-Yl]-4-Methoxy-Biphenyl-2-Carbaldehyde
The title compound, C21H15FN4O2 is synthesized and characterized by 1H NMR, LC-MS and finally confirmed by single crystal X-ray diffraction method. This molecule crystallizes in the monoclinicExpand
Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structure, and Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of (2Z)-3-(methylsulfanyl)-2,3-diphenylprop 2-enenitrile
The title compound, C16H13NS (3) was synthesized and characterized by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), mass spectra (MS), infrared (IR), thermogravimetric analysis, differential scanningExpand
5-(Prop-2-yn-1-yl)-5H-dibenzo[b,f]azepine: orthorhombic polymorph
In the title orthorhombic polymorph (space group Iba2), C17H13N, the dihedral angle between the benzene rings is 55.99 (10)° and the azepine ring adopts a boat conformation. In the crystal, moleculesExpand
In the title compound, C24H20N4, the azepine ring adopts a boat conformation and the dihedral angle between the benzene rings fused to it is 57.95 (8)°, indicating a significant deviation from planarity. Expand