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A New Database of the Quantitative Cathodoluminescence of the Main Quarry Marbles Used in Antiquity
Quantitative cathodoluminescence (CL) has rarely been applied for the archaeometric studies concerning marble provenance, despite its potential. This paper develops the method and provides a new
Mineralogical Insights to Identify Göktepe Marble in the Sculptural Program of Quinta Das Longas Villa (Lusitania)
This archaeometric study is focused on the marble used in a group of fragmented sculptures found at the Roman villa of Quinta das Longas (Elvas, Portugal). Dating from the 4th century AD, the pieces
Louvie-Soubiron Marble: Heritage Stone in the French Pyrenean Ossau Valley—First Evidence of the Roman Trans-Pyrenean Use
The historical character of the Louvie-Soubiron marble quarry, in the French Pyrenean Ossau Valley, has been brought to light through a combined analytical study of quarry samples and Roman
Las placas marmóreas de San Pedro de Carcacía (Padrón). Nuevas valoraciones interpretativas a partir de su análisis arqueométrico
Se presenta una revisión analítica de las dos placas marmóreas localizadas en la parroquia de Carcacía (Padrón), expuestas en el Museo de la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela. En función del