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Chemically active outflow L 1157
We present millimeter-wave maps of the L 1157 bipolar outflow in several molecular emission lines. The CO emission traces the bulk of the outflowing gas in the red and blue shifted lobes displaying aExpand
Shock Chemistry in the Young Bipolar Outflow L1157
We present the first results from a recent survey of molecular lines in L1157, a highly collimated bipolar molecular outflow driven by a class 0 protostar. These observations are used to study theExpand
Measurements of the 12C/13C Ratio in Planetary Nebulae and Implications for Stellar Evolution
We present the results of a study aimed at determining the 12C/13C ratio in two samples of planetary nebulae (PNe) by means of mm-wave observations of 12CO and 13CO. The first group includes six PNeExpand
Shock Chemistry in Bipolar Molecular Outflows
Chemical studies have a great potential to study the structure and evolution of the bipolar molecular outflows driven by young stellar objects. In this paper, we discuss some very recent mm-waveExpand
In this study, a sample of 16 burial chambers (rectangular, square and two circular shapes), situated in the Iberian necropolis of the ancient Tútugi has been characterized metrically andExpand
Astronomy, culture and landscape in the Early Iron Age in the Ebro Basin
Abstract Archaeological excavations carried out at Turó del Calvari (Tarragona, Spain) have revealed a protohistoric building interpreted as one of the earliest enclosures of power operating duringExpand
IRAS06562-0337, the Iron-clad Nebula : a young star embedded in a molecular cloud
We present millimeter and sub-millimeter observations of IRAS06562 0337, the so-called Iron-clad Nebula. It had been sug- gested previously that this object could be an evolved star in the tran-Expand