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beta-Alanine supplementation augments muscle carnosine content and attenuates fatigue during repeated isokinetic contraction bouts in trained sprinters.
Carnosine (beta-alanyl-l-histidine) is present in high concentrations in human skeletal muscle. The ingestion of beta-alanine, the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine, has been shown to elevate theExpand
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Simulation and experimental verification of the diffusion in an anisotropic fiber phantom.
Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging enables the visualization of fibrous tissues such as brain white matter. The validation of this non-invasive technique requires phantoms with aExpand
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Absolute quantification of carnosine in human calf muscle by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy.
Carnosine has been shown to be present in the skeletal muscle and in the brain of a variety of animals and humans. Despite the various physiological functions assigned to this metabolite, its exactExpand
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The design of anisotropic diffusion phantoms for the validation of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging.
Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging offers a non-invasive tool to explore the three-dimensional structure of brain white matter in clinical practice. Anisotropic diffusion hardware phantomsExpand
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Equipotential projection-based magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography and experimental realization.
In this study, a direct, fast image reconstruction algorithm, based on the fact that equipotential lines are perpendicular to current lines in a volume conductor, is proposed for magnetic resonanceExpand
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Online monitoring of dissolution tests using dedicated potentiometric sensors in biorelevant media.
The performance of the Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) for in vitro dissolution testing using biorelevant media was evaluated in this study. In vitro dissolution was carried out using USP apparatus 2Expand
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We perform proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) without water suppression in contrast to traditional water-suppressed MRS. In this contribution, we present a correction technique to remove sidebands. Expand
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A label-free potentiometric sensor principle for the detection of antibody-antigen interactions.
We report here on a new potentiometric biosensing principle for the detection of antibody-antigen interactions at the sensing membrane surface without the need to add a label or a reporter ion to theExpand
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Effects of fibrovascular traction and pooling of tears on corneal topographic changes induced by pterygium
AbstractAim To investigate the effects of fibrovascular traction and the pooling of tears at the pterygium apex on the corneal topographic changes induced by pterygium.Methods A total of 16 eyes ofExpand
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Quantitative proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy without water suppression
The suppression of the abundant water signal has been traditionally employed to decrease the dynamic range of the NMR signal in proton MRS (1H MRS) in vivo. When using this approach, if the intent isExpand
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