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Convenient and efficient tosylation of oligoethylene glycols and the related alcohols in tetrahydrofuran-water in the presence of sodium hydroxide
Oligoethylene glycols and some related alcohols were efficiently tosylated with p-toluenesulfonyl chloride in a tetrahydrofuran–water (1:1) mixture in the presence of excess sodium hydroxide. ThisExpand
Remarkable thallium(I) selectivity for ion sensors based on π-coordination of calix[4]arene neutral carriers
Calix[4]arene derivatives have been applied as neutral carriers for thallium(I)-selective electrodes, taking advantage of their π-coordination. Calix[4]arene derivatives without any t-butyl group atExpand
Measurement and correlation of solubilities of oxygen in aqueous solutions containing galactose and fructose
Abstract The solubilities of oxygen in aqueous solutions containing galactose and fructose were measured by a saturation method. These sugars are usually included in the fermentation media. TheExpand
Uncommon complex stoicheiometry in solvent extraction: solution-phase dicationic complex formation of crown ethers
A solvent extraction study with 18-crown-6, 24-crown-8, and their dibenzo-derivatives has revealed that the following ligand–cation combinations give dicationic complexes in the solution phase:Expand
Molecular design of crown ethers. 1. Effects of methylene chain length: 15- to 17-crown-5 and 18- to 22-crown-6
Synthese des ethers crown et evaluation de leur aptitude a former des cations par extraction par solvant des picrates alcalins aqueux. La stabilite des complexes cation-ether crown est gouvernee parExpand
Complexation thermodynamics of crown ethers. Part 3. 12-Crown-4 to 36-crown-12: from rigid to flexible ligand
Complex stability constants and thermodynamic parameters have been determined for the complexation of alkali metal ions with large-sized crown ethers, i.e. 24-crown-8 to 36-crown-12, in methanol atExpand
Crown ethers of low symmetry. Spiro crown ethers and 16-crown-5 derivatives
Synthese des spirocrowns; evaluation de leur aptitude a la coordination pour l'etude de l'extraction des picrates alcalins. Equilibres d'extraction. 16-crown-5 semble avoir une plus haute selectiviteExpand
Polytopic Cation Receptors. III. Di- and Triloop Crown Hosts Having Aromatic Junctions. Synthesis, Cation Extraction, and Solid Complex Formation
A new type of crown compound (1–3) featuring an assembly of two or three individual macrorings with different ring size, rigidity, and donor atoms and having characteristic aromatic junctions isExpand
Complexation thermodynamics of crown ethers. Part 4. Ring-enlargement effects upon cation complexation with dibenzo-18 to dibenzo-22-crown-6
Abstract Calorimetric titrations have been performed in methanol and acetonitrile at 25°C to give the complex stability constants (K) and the thermodynamic parameters for the complexation of sodiumExpand
Ring-contracted crown ethers: 14-Crown-5,17-crown-6, and their sila-analogues. Drastic decrease in cation-binding ability.
As compared with symmetrical 3m-crown-m, the ring-contracted(3m–1)-crown-m showed drastic decrease in cation-binding ability, which is attributable not to the diminished cavity size but to theExpand