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Democracy Challenged: The Rise of Semi-Authoritarianism
During the 1990s, international democracy promotion efforts led to the establishment of numerous regimes that cannot be easily classified as either authoritarian or democratic. They displayExpand
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Funding Virtue: Civil Society Aid and Democracy Promotion
In recent years the United States and many other international donors have embraced civil society aid as a key tool of democracy promotion. They support thousands of NGOs around the world in the nameExpand
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Rebuilding State Institutions in Collapsed States
The international community has embraced an unprecedented approach to collapsed states — those that have lost their capacity to perform even the most basic functions. While historically such statesExpand
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South Africa: The Struggle for a New Order
  • M. Ottaway
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 1 April 1993
The un-banning of the African National Congress and the release of Nelson Mandela in February 1990 cleared the way for negotiations from which a new post-apartheid political order could emerge. ButExpand
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Land Reform in Ethiopia, 1974-1977
In March 1975, the Ethiopian ruling military council, or Derg , proclaimed a sweeping land reform, which aimed at bringing about a complete transformation in the country's complex land tenure systemExpand
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Yemen on the Brink
Contents include * Yemen: Avoiding a Downward Spiral * What Comes Next in Yemen? Al-Qaeda, the Tribes, and State-Building * The Political Challenge of Yemen's Southern Movement * War in Saada: FromExpand
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Democracy and Constituencies in the Arab World
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Promoting Democracy after Conflict: The Difficult Choices
This article examines the democratic reconstruction model advocated by western countries for postconflict societies. It finds that the model has not been implemented successfully, in part because ofExpand
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Democracy in Africa : the hard road ahead
In the transition from authoritarianism, five years of elections and democratization in Africa have yielded uncertain results. This work challenges assumptions, and points to the issues that need toExpand
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