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Learning‐Based Animation of Clothing for Virtual Try‐On
A learning‐based clothing animation method for highly efficient virtual try‐on simulation, using a recurrent neural network to regress garment wrinkles, and achieves highly plausible nonlinear effects, in contrast to the blending artifacts suffered by previous methods.
Implicit Contact Handling for Deformable Objects
An algorithm for robust and efficient contact handling of deformable objects by being aware of the internal dynamics of the colliding objects, and a new solver for large mixed linear complementarity problems, based on iterative constraint anticipation are presented.
Haptic Rendering : Foundations, Algorithms, and Applications
This book provides an authoritative overview of state-of-theart haptic rendering algorithms and their applications for a number of applications, including medical training, model design, and maintainability analysis for virtual prototyping, scientific visualization, and creative processes.
Capture and modeling of non-linear heterogeneous soft tissue
This paper introduces a data-driven representation and modeling technique for simulating non-linear heterogeneous soft tissue. It simplifies the construction of convincing deformable models by
A modular haptic rendering algorithm for stable and transparent 6-DOF manipulation
A linearized contact model that frees the simulation from the computational bottleneck of collision detection, with penalty-based collision response well suited for fixed time-stepping, guarantees that the motion of the virtual tool is simulated at the same high rate as the synthesis of feedback force and torque.
A Survey on Position‐Based Simulation Methods in Computer Graphics
The concept of position‐based dynamics is introduced, dynamic simulation based on shape matching and data‐driven upsampling approaches are presented and several applications for these methods are presented.
DiFi: Fast 3D Distance Field Computation Using Graphics Hardware
An algorithm for fast computation of discretized 3D distance fields of large models composed of tens of thousands of primitives on high resolution grids using graphics hardware and achieves an order of magnitude improvement in the running time.
Design and fabrication of materials with desired deformation behavior
This paper introduces a data-driven process for designing and fabricating materials with desired deformation behavior. Our process starts with measuring deformation properties of base materials. For
Multi-scale capture of facial geometry and motion
A novel multi-scale representation and acquisition method for the animation of high-resolution facial geometry and wrinkles by augmenting a traditional marker-based facial motion-capture system by two synchronized video cameras to track expression wrinkles.
Position-based Methods for the Simulation of Solid Objects in Computer Graphics
The concept of position-based dynamics, the use of forces or impulses to simulate joints between rigid bodies as well as the stretching, shearing and bending stiffness of deformable objects are introduced and several applications are presented.