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Deriving preference order of open pit mines equipment through MADM methods: Application of modified VIKOR method
In multiple attribute decision making (MADM) problem, a decision maker (DM) has to choose the best alternative that satisfies the evaluation criteria among a set of candidate solutions. Expand
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Multiple regression, ANN and ANFIS models for prediction of backbreak in the open pit blasting
An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for prediction of backbreak caused by blasting in Sangan iron mine of Iran. Expand
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An analytical approach with a reliable logic and a ranking policy for post-mining land-use determination
Abstract Because it is the post-mining land-use that prescribes the methods, the measures and the costs of mine reclamation, a major implicit goal of mine reclamation is to determine an after-useExpand
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Optimum cut-off grade’s calculation in open pit mines with regard to reducing the undesirable environmental impacts
Cut-off grade – a criterion used to discriminate ore from waste – has direct impact on mineable reserves and average grade of the materials that must be processed. The most comprehensive method forExpand
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Optimal Open Pit Mining Equipment Selection Using Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Approach
Equipment selection in mining engineering is one of the most important decision that is affected the mine design, production planning and economic parameters in open pit mining. Mine planningExpand
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Incorporating environmental issues into optimum cut-off grades modeling at porphyry copper deposits
Cut-off grade is defined as the grade which discriminates between ore and waste within a given orebody. Determination of a complete optimum cut-off grade policy is a very important function duringExpand
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Post-Mining Land-Use Methods Optimum Ranking, Using Multi Attribute Decision Techniques with Regard to Sustainable Resources Management
Developing of mining areas should comply with sustainable development principles so as to ensure sustainable development of mine, to unify social, economical and the ecological efficiency. TheExpand
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A stochastic simulation framework for truck and shovel selection and sizing in open pit mines
There are three different mechanisms of discrete, continuous, and hybrid material transportation in open mines, including (but not limited to) (i) truck and shovel system (discrete), (ii) slurryExpand
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Deriving preference order of post-mining land-uses through MLSA framework: application of an outranking technique
This study intends to take advantage of a previously developed framework for mined land suitability analysis (MLSA) consisted of economical, social, technical and mine site factors to achieve aExpand
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Mine closure risk management: An integration of 3D risk model and MCDM techniques
The 3D risk model can fix the deficiency of 2D Risk model by considering the time value of risk which can help budget planning for risk treatment. Expand
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