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E-broidery: Design and fabrication of textile-based computing
Highly durable, flexible, and even washable multilayer electronic circuitry can be constructed on textile substrates, using conductive yarns and suitably packaged components. In this paper weExpand
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Triangles: tangible interface for manipulation and exploration of digital information topography
This paper presents a system for interacting with digital information, called Triangles. The Triangles system is a physical/digital construction kit, which allows users to use two hands to grasp andExpand
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Smart fabric, or "wearable clothing"
  • R. Post, M. Orth
  • Computer Science
  • Digest of Papers. First International Symposium…
  • 13 October 1997
Wearable computers can now merge seamlessly into ordinary clothing. Using various conductive textiles, data and power distribution as well as sensing circuitry can be incorporated directly intoExpand
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The embroidered musical ball: a squeezable instrument for expressive performance
In this paper, we describe the Embroidered Musical Ball, a soft, tactile computer/MIDI musical instrument, that lets untrained children, novices and/or professionals perform and manipulate expressiveExpand
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Fabric computing interfaces
This paper presents a series of physical computer interfaces and computational devices that are constructed from electronic fabrics and conducting threads. We introduce two types of textileExpand
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Clearance of postprandial lipoproteins in normolipemics: role of the apolipoprotein E phenotype.
The hepatic clearance of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins is mediated via apolipoprotein (apo) E which occurs in three common isoforms, apoE2, apoE3 and apoE4. To study the importance of the apoEExpand
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Triangles: design of a physical/digital construction kit
This paper presents the design of a new form of computer interface that uses physical objects to embody digital information, providing a means for interacting with data. Triangles is a physicalExpand
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Interface to architecture: integrating technology into the environment in the Brain Opera
  • M. Orth
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • DIS '97
  • 1 August 1997
Temperature inside a tissue volume is noninvasively determined on the basis of its known relationship with the velocity of ultrasound inside the volume. The velocity of ultrasound between two fieldExpand
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Effects of VLDL, chylomicrons, and chylomicron remnants on platelet aggregability.
Although influences of cholesterol-rich lipoproteins on platelet aggregation are well established, the knowledge of interactions between triglyceride-rich lipoproteins and platelets, in particular inExpand
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Fluorometric determination of total retinyl esters in triglyceride-rich lipoproteins.
A time-consuming sample preparation and measuring procedure is required for the quantitation of retinyl palmitate by HPLC. We developed a fluorometric method for the determination of total retinylExpand
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