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Geophysical prospection of the Roman city of Pollentia, Alcúdia (Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain)
Abstract We present the results of the geophysical investigation carried out in the Roman city of Pollentia, in the island of Mallorca. The ancient city was identified in the 19th century. Old andExpand
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Christians in a Muslim world? Radiocarbon dating of the cemetery overlaying the forum of Pollentia (Mallorca, Balearic Islands)
Abstract14C dating of human remains from the necropolis overlaying the forum of the Roman city of Pollentia (Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Western Mediterranean) has helped to solve the problem of theExpand
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La intervención de Q. Cecilio Metelo sobre las Baleares (123 a 121 a.C.). Condiciones previas y sus consecuencias
This article presents the pre-Roman cultures prevailing in Mallorca and Menorca, Talayotic on the one hand and that of the Pitiusas islands on the other, Punic. It then sets out the circumstances ofExpand
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Roman window glass in Hispania Baetica: Glass origin and manufacture study through electron microprobe analysis
Abstract Twenty five samples of Roman window glass of some archaeological sites situated in the Roman province Baetica: Acinipo (Ronda, Malaga), Carmo (Carmona, Seville), Herrera (Seville), AstigiExpand
Melting, bathing and melting again. Urban transformation processes of the Roman city of Munigua: the public thermae
Although microarchaeological techniques are being increasingly applied to European urban contexts, its integration in classical archaeology projects is far from systematic. In this sense, theExpand
Un paso decisivo en el conocimiento de la Granada romana (Municipium Florentinun Iliberritanum)
The finding of a large series of Roman architectural elements utilized more than once in the walls and foundations of a house in the Albaicin (Granada), together with the recovery of some ancientExpand
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Petrographic characterization of an opus sectile found in the Roman town of Pollentia (Alcudia, Majorca, Spain)
Abstract This paper presents the preliminary results of the petrographic characterisation of the stones used in an opus sectile pavement discovered at Pollentia (Alcudia, Majorca, Spain). TheExpand
Estudio del trazado regulador del foro de Pollentia (Alcudia, Mallorca)
In the Roman city of Pollentia in Mallorca, Spain, the layout of the buildings in the city forum and the street plan as designed by Roman land surveyors has been identified. This layout started fromExpand
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