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Further studies on aquatic fungi in the River Narew within the Narew National Park.
198 lower aquatic fungus species were found in various sites of River Narew. Expand
Lysosomal high molecular weight multienzyme complex.
The structural organization of the lysosomal high molecular weight multienzyme complex and the importance of the protective protein/cathepsin A in physiology and pathology are described. Expand
Hyphomycetes Species on Floating Plant Spores and Pollen
The authors investigated the hyphomycete species growing on the spores and pollen of 27 plant taxa in the water of three water body varying in trophic state, finding the fewest species were found to colonize pollen grains of Typha angustifolia, the most were observed onThe spores of Pteridium aquilinum. Expand
Hyphomycetes in rain water draining from intact trees.
Only 17 species were found to develop both on gymnospermous and angiospermous tree species out of 57 found in rain water flowing down the trees, with 13 Hyphomycetes species recorded for the first time from Poland. Expand
Hyphomycetes in the ice of water reservoirs.
The presence of 111 Hyphomycetes species was noted in the water obtained from melting ice from four water bodies. The following fungi were recorded for the first time from Poland: AcrodictysExpand
Hyphomycetes Developing on Water Plants and Bulrushes in Fish Ponds
The most optimum conditions for the Hyphomycetes representatives were found in the ponds overgrown by numerous water plants and bulrushes, which confirms that saprophytic Fungi Imperfecti play an active role in decomposition of dead plants, and purification of each pond’s water. Expand
Hyphomycetes fungi in rainwater failling from building roofs
The presence of 33 Hyphomycetes species was noted in rainwater falling from six roof types. The following fungi were recorded for the first time from Poland:Dactylaria lunata, Hyaloscypha zalewskii,Expand
Hyphomycetes in rain water, melting snow and ice
The investigations performed by direct microscopy method or bait technique using rain water flowing from trees, different types of roofs and melting snow and ice allowed determination of 146 species including 55 new to Poland. Expand
Hyphomycetes in the snow from gymnosperm trees.
Among the 26 species found in snow water from coniferous trees predominance of the socalled aero-aquatic hyphomycetes and only a few species belong to the group of aquatic hyphomers, including Camposporium pellucidum, Monodictys peruviana and Veronaea botryosa were recorded for the first time to Poland. Expand
Some aquatic fungi of Hyphomycetes on tree leaves.
The most frequently encountered species of aquatic fungi Hyphomycetes in rain water draining from trees were Anguillospora pseudolongissima, Heliscus lugdunensis and Vargamyces aquaticus. Expand