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Technical note: DNA typing for ovine MHC DRB1 using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP).
Findings strongly indicate that the PCR-RFLP method using a combination of nine restriction endonucleases is a very powerful tool in Ovar typing.
Infection of bovine immunodeficiency virus and bovine leukemia virus in water buffalo and cattle populations in Pakistan.
BIV-seropositive waterbuffaloes and cattle were found to have BIV proviral DNA in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells determined by nested polymerase chain reaction, the first report of BIV infections in water buffaloes.
Development of a SYBR Green Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay for Quantitative Detection of Babesia Gibsoni (Asian Genotype) DNA
DNA from peripheral blood of infected dogs was developed that allows for sensitive, reproducible, and accurate quantification of Babesia gibsoni (Asian genotype) in experimentally infected dogs and far more sensitive than traditional microscopic examination.
Sequences and diversity of 17 new Ovar-DRB1 alleles from three breeds of sheep.
A comparative analysis of the positions of polymorphic residues in the first extracellular domain of the DRB genes of sheep, humans and mice revealed an extraordinary similarity amongst the positions that are associated with the antigen recognition site (ARS).
Seroprevalence of bovine immunodeficiency virus and bovine leukemia virus in draught animals in Cambodia.
This first evidence for the presence of BIV and BLV infections in draught animals in tropical countries such as Cambodia is presented, suggesting its association with problems in animal health as reported worldwide, and that a primary BIV infection can predispose death of affected animals by other aggressive pathogens or stresses.