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Extreme waves, modulational instability and second order theory: wave flume experiments on irregular waves
Here we discuss the statistical properties of the surface elevation for long crested waves characterized by Jonswap spectra with random phases. Experiments are performed in deep water conditions inExpand
Statistical properties of mechanically generated surface gravity waves: a laboratory experiment in a three-dimensional wave basin
A wave basin experiment has been performed in the MARINTEK laboratories, in one of the largest existing three-dimensional wave tanks in the world. The aim of the experiment is to investigate theExpand
Modulational instability in crossing sea states: a possible mechanism for the formation of freak waves.
It is shown that the introduction of a second plane wave, propagating in a different direction, can result in an increase in the instability growth rates and enlargement of the instability region. Expand
Extreme wave events in directional, random oceanic sea states
We discuss the effect of the directional spreading on the occurrence of extreme wave events. We numerically integrate the envelope equation recently proposed by Trulsen et al. [Phys. Fluids 12, 2432Expand
Maximum steepness of oceanic waves: Field and laboratory experiments
[1] The breaking of waves is an important mechanism for a number of physical, chemical and biological processes in the ocean. Intuitively, waves break when they become too steep. Unfortunately, aExpand
Rogue waves and their generating mechanisms in different physical contexts
a b s t r a c t Rogue waves is the name given by oceanographers to isolated large amplitude waves, that occur more frequently than expected for normal, Gaussian distributed, statistical events. RogueExpand
Wave Modelling - The State of the Art
Abstract This paper is the product of the wave modelling community and it tries to make a picture of the present situation in this branch of science, exploring the previous and the most recentExpand
The nonlinear dynamics of rogue waves and holes in deep-water gravity wave trains
Abstract Rogue waves are rare “giant”, “freak”, “monster” or “steep wave” events in nonlinear deep water gravity waves which occasionally rise up to surprising heights above the background waveExpand
Observation of strongly non-Gaussian statistics for random sea surface gravity waves in wave flume experiments.
Experimental evidence that the tail of the probability density function for wave height strongly depends on the Benjamin-Feir index and the fact that large-amplitude waves in random spectra may result from the modulational instability is confirmed. Expand
Super Rogue Waves: Observation of a Higher-Order Breather in Water Waves
A. Chabchoub,* N. Hoffmann, M. Onorato, and N. Akhmediev Mechanics and Ocean Engineering, Hamburg University of Technology Eisendorfer Strase 42, 21073 Hamburg, Germany Dipartimento di Fisica,Expand