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Thermo-resistant green microalgae for effective biodiesel production: isolation and characterization of unialgal species from geothermal flora of Central Anatolia.
Oil content and composition, biomass productivity and adaptability to different growth conditions are important parameters in selecting a suitable microalgal strain for biodiesel production. Here, weExpand
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Classification of nervous system withdrawn and approved drugs with ToxPrint features via machine learning strategies
This paper covers the development of computational classification methods to distinguish approved drugs from withdrawn ones.BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Early-phase virtual screening of candidate drug molecules plays a key role in pharmaceutical industry from data mining and machine learning. Expand
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Bioethanol production via different saccharification strategies from H. tetrachotoma ME03 grown at various concentrations of municipal wastewater in a flat-photobioreactor
Abstract Biodiesel and bioethanol are currently the biofuels with the largest production scales. This study was aimed to evaluate feasibility of Hindakia tetrachotoma ME03 grown at variousExpand
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Bioethanol production from Nannochloropsis gaditana in municipal wastewater
  • M. Onay
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 October 2018
Abstract This study aimed to produce bioethanol from Nannochloropsis gaditana in various municipal wastewaters. Microalgae were cultivated at 24 ± 2 with f/2 medium for control. Bioethanol yields ofExpand
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Evaluation of Various Extraction Techniques for Efficient Lipid Recovery from Thermo-Resistant Microalgae, Hindakia, Scenedesmus and Micractinium Species—Comparison of Lipid Extraction Methods from
In recent years, photosynthetic microalgae regained attention for biodiesel production. For efficient utilization of microalgae, a number of criteria including a strain with high biomass and lipidExpand
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The effects of indole-3-acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide on Chlorella zofingiensis CCALA 944 for bio-butanol production
Abstract Bio-butanol is more useful than bio-methanol and bio-ethanol due to higher energy density. In current study, we carried out bio-butanol content, yield, carbohydrate, protein content, biomassExpand
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Investigation of Biobutanol Efficiency of Chlorella sp. Cultivated in Municipal Wastewater
Many strains of microalgae can grow in wastewaters through their ability to utilize inorganic nitrogen and phosphorus in wastewater. The content of municipal wastewater changes from a location toExpand
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Yanlışlıkla intra-arteriyel atrakuryum enjeksiyonu yapılan pediatrik olgu
Periferik venlerin kanulasyonu sirasinda istemeyerek periferik arteriyel kanulasyon yapilabilmektedir. Buna fark etmeden yapilan intra-arteriyel ilac enjeksiyonlari eklendiginde; doku nekrozundan,Expand
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