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The role of Material and Non-Material Rewards in Reducing Barriers To Change Acceptance
As change is becoming norm in organizational life, leaders have come to realize that effective change management is an absolute imperative in delivering the value to various stakeholders. While someExpand
Biomimicry implies the creative implementation of biological concepts into products. This paper provides a broad overview of the field of biomimicry, and has described the conversion of physiologicalExpand
Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance
Drustvena odgovornost poduzeca predstavlja koncept korporativnog upravljanja poduzecem tako da se ostvaruje profit, ali i da se zadovoljavaju drustveni kriteriji i kriteriji zastite okolisa sExpand
Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility on the Web
The main focus of this article is to thoroughly examine the practice of virtual corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication of the best multinational companies in the world. By distinguishingExpand
m-Banking Quality and Bank Reputation
m-Banking is developed to support the clients in using various banking services, by using their mobile phones, thus allowing them to overcome the barriers in terms of time and location. Clients areExpand
Exploring the Link between Corporate Stakeholder Orientation and Quality of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
Increased requests for transparent business operations as well as stakeholder pressures led to an increase in the number of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports published by companies aroundExpand
Transparency as a Precondition of Systemic Behavior: the Case of European Retailing Banks Regarding Social Responsibility Communication
Social responsibility (SR) informally promotes systemic behavior by concepts of interdependence and holism in ISO 26000. SR principles demand transparency including communication of SR covered inExpand
Leadership for Sustainability: Connecting Corporate Responsibility Reporting and Strategy
This chapter describes how and why normative justification for corporate responsibility has been replaced with business case thinking. Modern organizations do link their non-financial reports toExpand
Determinants of Innovation in Hotel and Travel Agency Service Industry: Impact of Information and Communication Technologies and Enterprise Readiness
The research results showed the usage of information and communication technologies as well as enterprise readiness for innovations have a significant impact on innovation activities, but the impact was different between hotel firms and travel agencies. Expand