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Supplementing copper at the upper level of the adult dietary recommended intake induces detectable but transient changes in healthy adults.
The health consequences of mild copper excess in humans are unknown. In a previous study, 2 mo of supplementation with up to 6 mg Cu/L in drinking water did not induce detectable changes. Here weExpand
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Folatos y vitamina B12 en la salud humana
: During the past decade the role of folate and vitamin B12 in human nutrition have been under constant re-examination. Basic knowledge on the metabolism and interactions between these essentialExpand
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Absorption of fortification iron from milk formulas in infants.
The bioavailability of iron added to different types of cows' milk formulas was studied using mono-isotopic and double-isotopic methods in 396 infants aged 5-18 mo. All the milk formulas wereExpand
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Total Iron, Heme Iron, Zinc, and Copper Content in Rabbit Meat and Viscera
The aim of this study is to determine the content of total iron (TFe), heme iron (HeFe), zinc (Zn), and copper (Cu) in different cuts of meat and viscera from rabbit. Five young New Zealand rabbitsExpand
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Effect of Increasing Concentrations of Zinc on the Absorption of Iron from Iron-Fortified Milk
The cofortification of milk with iron (Fe) and zinc (Zn) is a strategy used to prevent these deficiencies during childhood. Given that Zn can negatively interact with iron in aqueous solutions, theExpand
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Effect of Daily Supplementation with Iron and Zinc on Iron Status of Childbearing Age Women
The objective was to determine the effect of daily supplementation with 30 mg of iron (Fe) plus 30 mg of zinc (Zn) for 3 months on Fe status of women of childbearing age. This was a randomizedExpand
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Factores que modifican el estado de nutrición de hierro: contenido de taninos de infusiones de hierbas
Los taninos son compuestos naturales que se encuentran abundantemente en hierbas, maderas y frutas. Debido a sus numerosos radicalos hidroxilos se unen fuertemente a metales como Fe,Cu y Zn,Expand
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Fuzzy Self-Organising Control Of A Pendulum Problem
In a cart-ball balancer the control objective is to balance a ball on a curved track. This simulation study in Simulink tries to stabilise the system with a nonlinear adaptive controller. AExpand
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Effect of various calcium salts on non-heme iron bioavailability in fasted women of childbearing age.
INTRODUCTION Micronutrient deficiencies are one of the most important public health issues worldwide and iron (Fe) deficiency anemia is the most prevalent micronutrient deficiency. Iron deficiencyExpand
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