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Nuclear clocks based on resonant excitation of γ-transitions
Abstract We review the ideas and concepts for a clock that is based on a radiative transition in the nucleus rather than in the electron shell. This type of clock offers advantages like anExpand
A crossed optical cavities apparatus for a precision test of the isotropy of light propagation
Abstract A novel apparatus for a sensitive test of the independence of the speed of optical waves from the propagation direction has been developed. It employs a monolithic ULE glass structureExpand
Laser spectroscopic characterization of the nuclear-clock isomer 229mTh
The laser spectroscopic investigation of the hyperfine structure of the doubly charged 229mTh ion and the determination of the fundamental nuclear properties of the isomer, namely, its magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole moments, as well as its nuclear charge radius are presented. Expand
Femtosecond frequency combs stabilized with a He-Ne/CH4 laser: Toward a femtosecond optical clock
A concept of high-precision optical frequency measurements involving the use of femtosecond frequency combs with a bandwidths exceeding the frequency of a reference laser source is discussed. ThisExpand
Tunable single-frequency diode-pumped Nd:YAG ring laser at 1064/532 nm for optical frequency standard applications
We demonstrate a simple design for an infrared/green tunable unidirectional traveling-wave Nd:YAG laser consisting of only two intracavity components: a Nd:YAG gain medium and a KTP doubling crystal.Expand
Tunable single-frequency diode-pumped Nd:YAG ring laser at 946 nm
A simple design for a quasi-three-level diode-pumped tunable unidirectional traveling-wave Nd:YAG laser operating at 946 nm is demonstrated using a cavity consisting of two intracavity components, aExpand
Single-frequency intracavity doubled Yb:YAG ring laser
We present a simple design for an intracavity doubled unidirectional traveling-wave diode-pumped Yb:YAG laser consisting of only two intracavity components: an Yb:YAG gain medium and a KTP doublingExpand
946-nm Nd:YAG digital-locked laser at 1.1 × 10-16 in 1  s and transfer-locked to a cryogenic silicon cavity.
A Nd:YAG ultra-stable laser system operating at 946 nm is presented and a fractional frequency instability of 1.1×10-16 at 1 s is demonstrated by pre-stabilizing it to a 30-cm-long ULE cavity at room temperature. Expand
Absolute frequency measurements in precision laser spectroscopy of muonium
Frequency standard at 732 nm for absolute measurements of the muonium 1S-2S transition frequency has been developed. A suitable reference line for that standard was found in the absorption spectra ofExpand
Optical frequency standard with ytterbium single ion
We report on the progress in development of a highly accurate optical frequency standard based on the single ion of ytterbium-171 at the Institute of Laser Physics, Novosibirsk.