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Maternally derived FILIA-MATER complex localizes asymmetrically in cleavage-stage mouse embryos
Initial cell lineages that presage the inner cell mass and extra-embryonic trophectoderm are established when eight blastomeres compact to form polarized morulae in preimplantation mouse development.Expand
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An expression profile of human pancreatic islet mRNAs by Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE)
Aims/hypothesisThe Human Genome Project seeks to identify all genes with the ultimate goal of evaluation of relative expression levels in physiology and in disease states. The purpose of the currentExpand
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Cloning and characterization of the mouse tob2 gene.
Human Tob2 is a member of the Tob/BTG1 anti-proliferative family of proteins. Here, we report the molecular cloning and characterization of the mouse tob2 gene. The tob2 gene contains an open readingExpand
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Immunocytochemical detection of Ca2+-dependent subspecies of protein kinase C in mouse embryos before and during compaction
SummaryTo confirm the possibility that protein kinase C is involved in compaction of mouse embryos, the presence and distribution pattern of Ca2+-dependent subspecies of this enzyme in mouse embryos,Expand
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Stage‐Specific Relationship between Plasma Total and Cerebellar Bilirubin Levels during Early Postnatal Period in Jaundiced Gunn Rats
Abstract Relationships between plasma total or unbound bilirubin level and cerebellar bilirubin level were examined during the first 14 days after birth in homozygous Gunn rats withExpand
Contents, Vol. 62, 1992