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Electronic and magnetic properties are systematically investigated for doped manganites ${R}_{1\ensuremath{-}x}{\mathrm{Sr}}_{x}{\mathrm{MnO}}_{3}$Expand
Neutron diffraction studies of the ferrimagnetic-antiferromagnetic phase transition in cobalt modified Mn2Sb
Abstract Neutron diffraction has been performed on a powder sample of Mn 1.8 Co 0.2 Sb which has the transition temperatures T s =170 K and T N =400 K. Co atoms randomly occupy the Mn(I) sites. TheExpand
Ion-exclusion chromatographic behavior of aliphatic carboxylic acids and benzenecarboxylic acids on a sulfonated styrene--divinylbenzene co-polymer resin column with sulfuric acid containing various
Heptanol was the most effective modifier in ion-exclusion chromatography for the improvement of peak shapes and a reduction in retention volumes for higher aliphatic carboxylic acids and benzenecarboxy Lic acids. Expand
Spherical Aluminum Nitride Fillers for Heat‐Conducting Plastic Packages
It is necessary for encapsulants to have not only a suitable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) compatible to IC devices and a low dielectric constant to reduce the device propagation delay, butExpand
Quadrupolar ordering and magnetic properties of tetragonal TmAu 2
Magnetic susceptibility, magnetization process, specific heat, ultrasonic velocity, and inelastic neutron scattering experiments were performed on powdered and single-crystallineExpand
Structures of β-ZrNCl and superconducting Li0.16ZrNCl: double honeycomb lattice superconductor
Abstract Structures of β-ZrNCl and superconducting Li 0.16 ZrNCl ( T c =15 K) determined by powder neutron diffraction are found to be SmSI-type ( R 3 m ) and YOF-type ( R 3 m ), respectively. TheExpand
A study on electric method for measuring root canal length.
The application of high frequency of more than 30 kHz was considered to keep the influence of such factors to a minimum and contribute to the improvement of this method. Expand
Compositional Variations in Manganese Micronodules: A Possible Indicator of Sedimentary Environments
Manganese micronodules from various environments were analyzed with the electron microprobe. Chemical characteristics of marine manganese nodules were examined in relation with their depositionalExpand
Spin reorientation in the new Heusler alloys Ru2MnSb and Ru2MnGe
Abstract Neutron diffraction studies have been made on the two compounds, Ru 2 MnSb and Ru 2 MuGe. The crystal structure of the Heusler L2 1 type is confirmed for both compounds. The magnetic orderExpand
Abstract Concentration and temperature dependence of the magnetic structure is investigated by means of powder neutron diffraction on the compounds of (Cr 1− x Mn x ) 2 As system for theExpand