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Electro‐optical characteristics and switching behavior of the in‐plane switching mode
Electro‐optical characteristics related to the threshold behavior of liquid crystals when using the in‐plane switching (IPS) mode were investigated with interdigital electrodes. In order to analyze
Sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy of a helically structured conjugated polymer.
Sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy was used as a novel technique to probe the molecular chirality of thin polymer films and observed the observation of unusually strong chiral spectra of the phenylene vibration modes.
Quantitative Analysis of Cell Gap Margin for Uniform Optical Properties Using In-Plane Switching of Liquid Crystals
The allowable range of marginal variation of the cell gap to ensure uniform optical properties when using in-plane switching (IPS) of liquid crystals was evaluated quantitatively. The analysis
Response mechanism of nematic liquid crystals using the in‐plane switching mode
A response mechanism of nematic liquid crystals following the switching‐on and off of an in‐plane electric field when using the in‐plane switching (IPS) mode was investigated. Simplified theoretical
Ultrafast Charge Separation and Recombination Dynamics in a Nanometer Thin Film of Polyimide Observed by Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
Femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy was used to study how polyimide (PI) interacts with light in a nanometer-thick PI thin film. The PI containing pyromellitic diimide (PMDI) shows
Sum-frequency generation (SFG) vibrational spectroscopy of side alkyl chain structures of polyimide surfaces
Sum-frequency generation (SFG) vibrational spectroscopy was used to study how side alkyl chains of a polyimide are oriented at the air–polymer interface and how they are affected by mechanical
Advanced nanoimprint lithography using a graded functional imprinting material tailored for liquid crystal alignment
Nanoimprint lithography technology, which is able to easily create nanometer-resolution two-dimensional surface grooves on substrates over a large area by a step and stamp process, opens up an
We have investigated the electro-optical effects and physical switching principle of homogeneously aligned nematic liquid crystals when applying an in-plane electric field with interdigital
Structure of the glycerol liquid/vapor interface studied by sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy
Surface-specific sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy has been used to study the structures of the glycerol liquid/vapor interface. The results show that the molecules at the glycerol surface are