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Recovery of Monkey Brain after Prolonged Ischemia. II. Protein Synthesis and Morphological Alterations
The results obtained corroborate the electrophysiological observations reported and support the notion that the majority of the neurons of monkey brain survive complete cerebrocirculatory arrest of 1 h for at least 1 day. Expand
Release of proteinase inhibitors as an indication of vitality during the early post-traumatic interval
Es wurde im Rahmen dieser Pilotstudie festgestellt, das bei vitalen Verletzungen Proteinasehemmer saumartig parallel zur Wundoberflache angereichert im Corium nachweisbar werden — besonders alpha-2-Makroglobulin and alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin. Expand
[Fatal incidences during arrest of highly agitated persons].
We report on four cases of sudden circulatory arrest during the physical restraint of extremely excited and repugnant men by the police. Three persons died, and one became apallic. The excited statesExpand
Intramural ganglion cell degeneration in inflammatory bowel disease.
Comparable histologic alterations of intramural nervous tissue were reported in various diseases of the small and large intestine. In 6 cases, an intestinal obstruction was present which led toExpand
Inhibition of non-specific leukocyte esterase activity. Absence of monocyte esterase activity due to phosphoric and thiophosphoric acid ester intoxication.
In vitro evaluation of the effect of five insecticidal phosphoric and 11 thiophosphoric acid esters on different, non-specific human leukocytes esterases indicated that most of the organic phosphorExpand
[Intravital and postmortal CT examinations in cerebral gunshot injuries].
The value of CT was assessed in 24 patients who died of cerebral gunshot injuries and in two patients with more recent injuries in order to reconstruct the mode of injury and for adding forensicExpand
Brain macrophages in human cortical contusions as indicator of survival period.
A morphologic time scheme with which cases of cerebral contusion with unknown survival periods can be dated is established, and the findings permit the dating of trauma in cases withunknown survival periods. Expand
[Sudden fatalities in mechanically restrained patients].
In all instances the fatal accidents resulted from improper handling of the restraint devices, namely from the omission of bed rails as well as of the obligatory waist belt lateral fixations. Expand