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White matter plasticity in the corticospinal tract of musicians: A diffusion tensor imaging study
We performed fiber tractography and subsequent voxelwise analysis, region of interest (ROI) analysis, and detailed slicewise analysis of diffusion parameters in the corticospinal tract on 26 professional musicians and a control group of 13 participants. Expand
Musical training intensity yields opposite effects on grey matter density in cognitive versus sensorimotor networks
Using optimized voxel-based morphometry, we performed grey matter density analyses on 59 age-, sex- and intelligence-matched young adults with three distinct, progressive levels of musical trainingExpand
The Plasticity of the Superior Longitudinal Fasciculus as a Function of Musical Expertise: A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study
Previous neuroimaging studies have demonstrated that musical expertise leads to functional alterations in language processing. We utilized diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to investigate white matterExpand
The multiple synaesthete E.S. — Neuroanatomical basis of interval-taste and tone-colour synaesthesia
We report increased FA and volumetric white (WM) and grey matter (GM) peculiarities in E.S.'s auditory and gustatory areas, hence explaining the interval-taste synaesthesia. Expand
Effects of prior information on decoding degraded speech: An fMRI study
Expectations and prior knowledge are thought to support the perceptual analysis of incoming sensory stimuli, as proposed by the predictive‐coding framework. The current fMRI study investigated theExpand
Long‐term exposure to music enhances the sensitivity of the auditory system in children
This event‐related brain potential study aims to contribute to the present debate regarding the effect of musical training on the maturation of the human auditory nervous system. To address thisExpand
Absolute Pitch—Functional Evidence of Speech-Relevant Auditory Acuity
Absolute pitch (AP) has been shown to be associated with morphological changes and neurophysiological adaptations in the planum temporale, a cortical area involved in higher-order auditory and speechExpand
Degree of musical expertise modulates higher order brain functioning.
Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we show for the first time that levels of musical expertise stepwise modulate higher order brain functioning. This suggests that degree of trainingExpand
Processing of Voiced and Unvoiced Acoustic Stimuli in Musicians
Past research has shown that musical training induces changes in the processing of supra-segmental aspects of speech, such as pitch and prosody. The aim of the present study was to determine whetherExpand
Tracking Training-Related Plasticity by Combining fMRI and DTI: The Right Hemisphere Ventral Stream Mediates Musical Syntax Processing
As a functional homolog for left-hemispheric syntax processing in language, neuroimaging studies evidenced involvement of right prefrontal regions in musical syntax processing, of which underlyingExpand