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The Great American Biotic Interchange: Dispersals, Tectonics, Climate, Sea Level and Holding Pens
The biotic and geologic dynamics of the Great American Biotic Interchange are reviewed and revised. Information on the Marine Isotope Stage chronology, sea level changes as well as Pliocene andExpand
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Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic mammals of North America : biostratigraphy and geochronology
ContentsPreface, by M. O. WoodburneList of ContributorsDefinitionsIntroduction, by M. O. WoodburnePrinciples and Procedures, by M. O. WoodburneMammalian Biochronology of the Latest Cretaceous, by R.Expand
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Formation of the Isthmus of Panama
Independent evidence from rocks, fossils, and genes converge on a cohesive narrative of isthmus formation in the Pliocene. The formation of the Isthmus of Panama stands as one of the greatest naturalExpand
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Dispersal, vicariance, and the Late Cretaceous to early tertiary land mammal biogeography from South America to Australia
A review of paleontological, phyletic, geophysical, and climatic evidence leads to a new scenario of land mammal dispersal among South America, Antarctica, and Australia in the Late Cretaceous toExpand
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4. Wasatchian Through Duchesnean Biochronology
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Land Mammal High-Resolution Geochronology, Intercontinental Overland Dispersals, Sea Level, Climate and Vicariance
The generally well developed and understood stratigraphic record associated with fossil mammals in North America is combined with independent chronological data sets that foster the development ofExpand
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