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Soil strength and maize yield after topsoil removal and application of nutrient amendments on a gravelly Alfisol toposequence
Abstract Vast areas of degraded soils exist in southwestern Nigeria due to topsoil removal by soil erosion and gravel/stone mining operators. The restoration of such soils has become imperative toExpand
Environmental implications of tropical deforestation
SUMMARY Forests are fundamental and vital components of the world ecosystems. The essential links between forest and man are now receiving renewed and urgent attention, and there is increasingExpand
Land Use Change Detection in OMO Biosphere Reserve Using GIS and Remote Sensing
Inadequacy of reliable data on the rate and extent of forest conversion remains a major problem threatening sustainable forest management in Nigeria. In this study, we examined land use changeExpand
Summary Prunus africana, a multipurpose and highly medicinal afromontane tree has been exploited for its bark for over two decades now in afromontane Cameroon by commercial exploiters under licencesExpand
Land Holding Rights of Fulani Pastoralists and its Effect on their Agropastoral Production System in Ogun State, Nigeria
Summary The study focuses on land holding rights of the Fulani pastoralists and its effect on their agropastoral production system. It was discovered that among the land holding rights optionsExpand
Key livelihood tree species in Omo Biosphere Reserve: a preliminary documentation towards the investigation of land use change impact on key livelihood tree populations
The study documented and prioritized key livelihood tree species in Omo Biosphere Reserve, Nigeria as a preliminary step towards the evaluation of land use change impact on key livelihood treeExpand
Composition and stand structure of a regenerating tropical rainforest ecosystem in South-western Nigeria
The dynamics of forest regeneration in a tropical rainforest ecosystem in South-western Nigeria as exemplified by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture Forest Reserve, Ibadan, Nigeria wasExpand
Evaluation of Seed Bank in Three Age-Sequences of Arable Land within a Biosphere Reserve in Southwestern Nigeria
Deforestation through shifting cultivation to feed the burgeoning population in Nigeria is intensifying without adequate knowledge of its impact on the self-repairing mechanisms of the forestExpand
MOSES OLADEPO ADEDIRE is a Senior Lecturer and the Head of Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management, University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria. He holds a Ph.D in Forest Biology andExpand