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Synthetic aperture imaging for small scale systems
Multi-element synthetic aperture imaging methods suitable for applications with severe cost and size limitations are explored. Array apertures are synthesized using an active multi-element receiveExpand
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Speckle tracking methods for ultrasonic elasticity imaging using short-time correlation
In ultrasound elasticity imaging, strain decorrelation is a major source of error in displacements estimated using correlation techniques. This error can be significantly decreased by reducing theExpand
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Internal displacement and strain imaging using ultrasonic speckle tracking
Previous ultrasound speckle tracking methods have been extended, permitting measurement of internal displacement and strain fields over a wide dynamic range of tissue motion. The markedly increasedExpand
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Optimizing the radiation pattern of sparse periodic linear arrays
We have developed a method for designing sparse periodic arrays. Grating lobes in the two-way radiation pattern are avoided by using different element spacings on transmission and reception. TheExpand
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Phase-aberration correction using signals from point reflectors and diffuse scatterers: basic principles
Methods for correction of phase aberrations induced by near-field variations in the index of refraction are explored. Using signals obtained from a sampled aperture (i.e. transducer array), phaseExpand
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Strain rate imaging using two-dimensional speckle tracking
Strain rate images (SRI) of the beating heart have been proposed to identify non-contracting regions of myocardium. Initial attempts used spatial derivatives of tissue velocity (Doppler) signals.Expand
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Tissue elasticity reconstruction based on ultrasonic displacement and strain images
A method is presented to reconstruct the elastic modulus of soft tissue based on ultrasonic displacement and strain images. Incompressible and compressible media are considered separately. ProblemsExpand
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Lateral displacement estimation using tissue incompressibility
Using the incompressibility property of soft tissue, lateral displacements can be reconstructed from axial strain measurements. Results of simulations and experiments on gelatin-based tissueExpand
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Delta-sigma oversampled ultrasound beamformer with dynamic delays
The principles of oversampling are exploited in a simple beamforming architecture using a single bit delta-sigma (/spl Delta/C) analog to digital converter (A/D) on every channel. The high samplingExpand
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3-D Correlation-Based Speckle Tracking
Widely-used 1-D/2-D speckle tracking techniques in elasticity imaging often experience significant speckle decorrelation in applications involving large elevational motion (i.e., out of planeExpand
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