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Women and Human Development: The Capabilities Approach
Acknowledgments Preface Introduction Feminism and international development 1. In defense of universal values 2. Adaptive preferences and women's options 3. The role of religion 4. Love, care, andExpand
Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach
If a country's Gross Domestic Product increases each year, but so does the percentage of its people deprived of basic education, health care, and other opportunities, is that country really makingExpand
Amartya Sen has made a major contribution to the theory of social justice, and of gender justice, by arguing that capabilities are the relevant space of comparison when justice-related issues areExpand
Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education
* Preface * Introduction: The Old Education and the Think-Academy *1. Socratic Self-Examination *2. Citizens of the World *3. The Narrative Imagination *4. The Study of Non-Western Cultures *5.Expand
Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership
Theories of social justice are necessarily abstract, reaching beyond the particular and the immediate to the general and the timeless. Yet such theories, addressing the world and its problems, mustExpand
Upheavals of Thought: The Intelligence of Emotions
Part I. Need and Recognition: 1. Emotions as judgments of value 2. Humans and other animals: the neo-stoic view revised 3. Emotions and human societies 4. Emotions and infancy Interlude: 'things suchExpand
Women and Human Development
An NC lathe, which comprises: a cross slide; plural tool post assemblies mounted on said cross slide in parallel with a main spindle, said tool post assembly including a lower slide post which movesExpand