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School-based education to improve oral cleanliness and gingival health in adolescents in Tehran, Iran.
BACKGROUND Schools can be an important setting for health education programmes, controlling the growing burden of oral diseases and promoting oral health. Aim. The aim of this study was to evaluateExpand
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Knowledge and attitude of dental faculty members towards evidence-based dentistry in Iran.
INTRODUCTION Educating dental practitioners is a major component in obtaining evidence-based approach to oral health care, but there is no evidence about knowledge and attitude of dental facultyExpand
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Smoking, tooth brushing and oral cleanliness among 15-year-olds in Tehran, Iran.
PURPOSE To assess smoking, tooth brushing and oral cleanliness and their relationships among 15-year-olds in Tehran, Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study based on World HealthExpand
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Oral health and treatment needs among 15-year-olds in Tehran, Iran.
OBJECTIVES To study oral health status and treatment need among 15-year-olds in Tehran, Iran in relation to their parents' level of education. METHODS A cross-sectional study based on the WHOExpand
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Mathematical beta function formulation for maxillary arch form prediction in normal occlusion population
The aim of this study was to assess the dental arch curvature in subjects with normal occlusion in an Iranian population and propose a beta function formula to predict maxillary arch form using theExpand
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Purpose: Transition of dentition from late mixed dentition to early permanent stage has an impact on dental arch length, circumference also width and depth of arch. Recognition of these changes andExpand
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Subtotal cystectomy with ileocystoplasty for severe hemorrhagic cystitis after bone marrow transplantation.
In a retrospective analysis of hemorrhagic cystitis subsequent to allogeneic bone marrow transplantation, we focused on patients who underwent subtotal cystectomy with ileocystoplasty becauseExpand
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Measurement of the buccolingual inclination of teeth: manual technique vs 3-dimensional software.
INTRODUCTION In this study, we aimed to measure the inclination of teeth on dental casts by a manual technique with the tooth inclination protractor (TIP; MBI, Newport, United Kingdom) and a newlyExpand
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The accuracy of a 3-D laser scanner for crown width measurements.
BACKGROUND Virtual dental casts have been recently introduced to orthodontics. The problem of capturing the shapes of teeth on study casts may be complicated by the presence of undercut areas andExpand
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Interventions for the management of submucous cleft palate.
BACKGROUND Submucous cleft palate (SMCP) is a common congenital malformation of the soft palate which may present as velopharyngeal insufficiency (VPI), which can affect the quality andExpand
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