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Reducing uncertainty in the use of allometric biomass equations for predicting above-ground tree biomass in mixed secondary forests
Abstract Estimates of forest biomass are needed for tracking changes in C stocks, as well as for other purposes. A common method for estimating forest biomass is through use of allometric equationsExpand
Agricultural soils as a sink to mitigate CO2 emissions
Abstract. Agricultural soils, having been depleted of much of their native carbon stocks, have a significant CO2 sink capacity. Global estimates of this sink capacity are in the order of 20-30 Pg CExpand
Climate change: linking adaptation and mitigation through agroforestry
Agriculture is the human enterprise that is most vulnerable to climate change. Tropical agriculture, particularly subsistence agriculture is particularly vulnerable, as smallholder farmers do notExpand
Measuring Carbon Stocks Across Land Use Systems
The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) holds the copyright to its publications and web pages but encourages duplication, without alteration, of these materials for non-commercial purposes. ProperExpand
Agricultural options for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions
Global change and multi-species agroecosystems : Concepts and issues
Complex (multi-species) agroecosystems change rapidly as a result of farmers' decisions based on their perception of opportunities and constraints. Overall, the major trend is still one of reducingExpand
The Imperata grasslands of tropical Asia: area, distribution, and typology
The rehabilitation or intensified use of Imperata grasslands will require a much better understanding of their area, distribution, and characteristics. We generated estimates of the area of ImperataExpand
Biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes: Are we asking the right questions?
The assumed relationship between biodiversity or local richness and the persistence of ‘ecosystem services’ (that can sustain productivity on-site as well as off-site, e.g. through regulation ofExpand