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A grammar of Lango
The series offers a comprehensive grammatical description of a single language together with fully analyzed sample texts and, if appropriate, a word list and other relevant information which is available on the language in question. Expand
Theoretical Morphology: Approaches in Modern Linguistics
M. Hammond and M. Noonan, Morphology in the Generative Paradigm. Inflection: S.R. Anderson, Inflection. R. de Bleser and J. Bayer, On the Role of Inflectional Morphology in Agrammatism. A. Carstairs,Expand
Earedness (ear choice in monaural tasks): its measurement and relationship to other lateral preferences.
Ear preference was strongly influenced by seemingly minor environmental asymmetries and did not influence telephone habits, and must be considered a very weak lateral preference. Expand
Nominalizations in Bodic languages
The relevance of areality to the phenomenon of nominalization–relativization syncretism, the various sources of nominalizing suffixes, the relativization with the genitive, and the innovations in the system of nominalizations are discussed. Expand
Septal lesions impair rats' Morris test performance but facilitate left-right response differentiation
Lesions in the septum impaired performance on the Morris test, but facilitated a water maze-based left-right response differentiation, and support the notion that rats approach spatial problems with a hierarchy of potential solutions in which allocentric solutions take precedence over egocentric ones. Expand
Social–sexual behavior seasonality in captive beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas)
Observation of wild beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) indicates that this species breeds seasonally, and hormonal assays of captive animals show corresponding fluctuations in reproductiveExpand
Young Belugas (Delphinapterus leucas) Exhibit Sex-Specific Social Affiliations
observed to display greater levels of aggressive behavior than juvenile females and usually direct The present study investigated the social affiliait at other juvenile males (Bison bison, RothsteinExpand