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$ \mathcal{N}=6 $ conformal supergravity in three dimensions
A bstract$ \mathcal{N}=6 $ conformal supergravity in three dimensions is studied in an off-shell component field formulation. We obtain local symmetry transformation laws and a Lagrangian of theExpand
Conformal supergravity from the AdS/CFT correspondence
Construction of a five-dimensional conformal supergravity (D = 5 CSG) is attempted by applying the AdS/CFT correspondence to the F(4) AdS supergravity in six dimensions. As a first step, localExpand
Anomalies of N=(4,4) superconformal field theories coupled to a conformal supergravity background in two dimensions are computed by using the AdS/CFT correspondence. We find that Weyl, axial gaugeExpand
Chiral Symmetry Breaking in Brane Models
We discuss the chiral symmetry breaking in general intersecting Dq/Dp brane models consisting of Nc Dq-branes and a single Dp-brane with an s-dimensional intersection. There exists a QCD-like theoryExpand
A Note on Supersymmetry in Noncommutative Field Theories
Abstract We show that a solution of the type IIB supergravity representing D3-branes in the presence of a 2-form background has 16 supersymmetries by explicitly constructing the transformationExpand
Supersymmetry in the AdS/CFT correspondence
Abstract We study how local symmetry transformations of ( p , q ) anti de Sitter supergravities in three dimensions act on fields on the two-dimensional boundary. The boundary transformation laws areExpand
Three-form flux with = 2 supersymmetry on AdS5 × S5
In the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence the general form of a three-form flux perturbation to the AdS5 × S5 solution in the type-IIB supergravity which preserves = 2 supersymmetry is obtained.Expand
PSU(2, 2 vertical bar 4) transformations of IIB superstring in AdS(5) x S(5)
The PSU(2, 2 vertical bar 4) transformation laws of the IIB superstring theory in the AdS(5) x S(5) background are explicitly obtained for the light-cone gauge in the Green-Schwarz formalism.
It is shown that local symmetry transformations of the maximal AdS supergravity in seven-dimensional anti de Sitter space induce those of the N=(2,0) conformal supergravity on the six-dimensionalExpand