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Polyphasic taxonomy of the genus Shewanella and description of Shewanella oneidensis sp. nov.
The genus Shewanella has been studied since 1931 with regard to a variety of topics of relevance to both applied and environmental microbiology. Recent years have seen the introduction of a largeExpand
Development of a Prokaryotic Universal Primer for Simultaneous Analysis of Bacteria and Archaea Using Next-Generation Sequencing
For the analysis of microbial community structure based on 16S rDNA sequence diversity, sensitive and robust PCR amplification of 16S rDNA is a critical step. To obtain accurate microbial compositionExpand
Characterization of degradation process of cyanobacterial hepatotoxins by a gram-negative aerobic bacterium.
A bacterium termed 7CY, capable of decomposing cyanobacterial toxins, was isolated from surface water sample of Lake Suwa and degradation of microcystin-RR and nodularin-Har was investigated. TheExpand
Thermotoga petrophila sp. nov. and Thermotoga naphthophila sp. nov., two hyperthermophilic bacteria from the Kubiki oil reservoir in Niigata, Japan.
Two hyperthermophilic bacteria, strains RKU-1T and RKU-10T, which grew optimally at 80 degrees C, were isolated from the production fluid of the Kubiki oil reservoir in Niigata, Japan. They wereExpand
Identification of isoprenoid quinones by frit-FAB liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry for the chemotaxonomy of microorganisms.
Abstract An easy and highly sensitive analytical method for the identification of microbial isoprenoid quinones using Frit-FAB liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry was developed. The compositionExpand
Marine foliaceous green macroalgae such as Ulva lose their typical morphology when cultured aseptically in defined synthetic media. However, after reinfection by certain marine bacteria (isolatedExpand
Microbulbifer variabilis sp. nov. and Microbulbifer epialgicus sp. nov., isolated from Pacific marine algae, possess a rod-coccus cell cycle in association with the growth phase.
Phylogenetic and taxonomic characterization was performed for 14 strains of bacteria that produce anticancer antibiotics (pelagiomicins) (represented by strain Ni-2088(T)) and one strain thatExpand
Seasonal appearance ofProchlorococcus in Suruga Bay, Japan in 1992–1993
Seasonal appearance ofProchlorococcus was studied by flow cytometry in Suruga Bay, Japan in 1992–1993.Prochlorococcus cells were in high concentrations (>1×104 cells ml−1) from July to October 1992Expand
Growth requirements of hyperthermophilic sulfur-dependent heterotrophic archaea isolated from a shallow submarine geothermal system with reference to their essential amino acids.
Three hyperthermophilic sulfur-dependent heterotrophs were isolated from a shallow submarine hydrothermal system at an inlet of Kodakara-jima island, Kagoshima, Japan. The isolates grew at 60 to 97Expand
β-Cyanoalanine Production by Marine Bacteria on Cyanide-Free Medium and Its Specific Inhibitory Activity toward Cyanobacteria
ABSTRACT In screening the culture broth of marine bacteria collected at Yap (Micronesia), Palau (Belau), and Okinawa (the southwest islands of Japan) for antimicroalgal activity, 37 out of 2,594Expand