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Myeloperoxidase and elastase are only expressed by neutrophils in normal and in inflammed liver
Increased expression of MPO in damaged rat and human liver is due to recruited elastase positive NGs, as demonstrated in normal rat liver and acutely injured human liver. Expand
Measurements of 5-FU Plasma Concentrations in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer: 5-FU Levels Reflect the 5-FU Dose Applied
With critical analysis of the measurements and correct performance of blood sampling, the measurement of 5-FU plasma concentrations with the immunoassay may in the future allow to optimize 4-FU dosing and to identify the cause of toxicity. Expand
Predictive chromosomal clusters of synchronous and metachronous brain metastases in clear cell renal cell carcinoma.
Data suggest that metachronous BM events of ccRCC are characterized by loss of chromosome 9, whereas synchronous BM Events may form independently of detectable genetic changes at chromosomes 9 and 3p. Expand