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RP-HPLC analysis of phenolic antioxidant compound 6-gingerol from different ginger cultivars
Abstract The aim of this work was to assess the antioxidant capacity and phenolic content from the rhizomes of 12 ginger cultivars from different agro climatic zones of India. The quantities ofExpand
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Antiaflatoxigenic and antioxidant activity of an essential oil from Ageratum conyzoides L.
BACKGROUND Aflatoxin contamination of various commodities can occur as a result of infection, mainly by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. Every year, almost 25% of the world's foodExpand
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Free amino acid profiling in grain amaranth using LC-MS/MS.
Reliable and reproducible techniques for identification and quantification of amino acids usually require derivatization. However, techniques such as LC-MS/MS may perhaps sideline the derivatizationExpand
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Optimization of extraction techniques and quantification of Betulinic Acid (BA) by RP-HPLC method from Ancistrocladus heyneanus Wall. Ex Grah.
Abstract Simple, cost effective, quick and sustainable technique was investigated for determining Betulinic acid (BA) from samples of Ancistrocladus heyneanus. The methods comprised of continuousExpand
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Chemical Characterization, Mineral Analysis, and Antioxidant Potential of Two Underutilized Berries (Carissa carandus and Eleagnus conferta) from the Western Ghats of India
Diversity needs to be “conserved through use.” Owing to the global need, the present study includes two underutilized berries, Carissa carandus and Eleagnus conferta, to explore their potential asExpand
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Micropropagation and in vitro flowering of endemic and endangered plant Ceropegia attenuata Hook
Factors affecting in vitro propagation were evaluated for Ceropegia attenuata Hook., an endemic and endangered plant having ornamental potential but a limited reproductive capacity. Rapid shootExpand
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RP-HPLC Analysis of 6-Gingerol and Assessment of Antioxidant Activities in EMS Treated Ginger
Present investigation deals with RP-HPLC analysis of 6- gingerol from rhizome of ginger treated with EMS at different concentrations. The concentration levels were 0.10, 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25% for EMSExpand
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pH triggered curcumin release and antioxidant activity of curcumin loaded γ-Fe2O3 magnetic nanoparticles
Abstract Curcumin is a proven antioxidant and anti-cancerous compound found in Curcuma longa. However, the low solubility of curcumin limits its usefulness in therapeutics. To make curcumin moreExpand
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