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Nitrogen mineralization and phenol accumulation along a fire chronosequence in northern Sweden
Net N mineralization appears to be limited by rapid NH4+ immobilization whereas nitrification is limited by the lack of an appropriate environment or by the presence of inhibitory compounds in late successional forests of northern Sweden.
Phenolic metabolites of ecological significance in Empetrum hermaphroditum leaves and associated humus
Condensed tannins, phenolic acids and batatasin-III were measured in green and senescent leaves of the dwarf Ericaceous shrub Empetrum hermaphroditum Hagerup collected at three boreal sites in
Characterisation of the differential interference effects of two boreal dwarf shrub species
Both Empetrum species are superficially very similar morphologically, they have vastly different effects on tree seed germination, seedling establishment and growth, due to the different chemical profile of the two species.
Symplasmic and apoplasmic transport inside feather moss stems of Pleurozium schreberi and Hylocomium splendens
The results help explain their varying desiccation tolerance and possibly their differing physiology and autecology and, ultimately, their impact on ecosystem functioning.
A Link in the Study of Chemical Interference Exerted by Empetrum hermaphroditum: Quantification of Batatasin-III in Soil Solution
The results suggest that E. hermaphroditum releases batatasin-III from leaves and litter in sufficient amounts to account for accumulation of batatatin-III in soil.
Photosynthetic functions of leaves affected by the bibenzyl batatasin-III
In northern Sweden, Empetrum hermaphroditum Hagerup dominates the ground layer vegetation in post fire successions by suppressing other plant species. Previous studies suggest that this negative
Erratum: Oecologia (1998) 115: 419–426
The charcoal effect in Boreal forests: mechanisms and ecological consequences Due to a technical error the wrong version of table 1 was published. The correct table appears below: Oecologia (1998)