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Characterization of five polyamine oxidase isoforms in Arabidopsis thaliana
The genome of Arabidopsis thaliana contains five genes (AtPAO1 to AtPAO5) encoding polyamine oxidase (PAO) which is an enzyme responsible for polyamine catabolism. To understand the individual rolesExpand
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Thermospermine is required for stem elongation in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Loss-of-function mutants of the ACAULIS5 (ACL5) gene in Arabidopsis thaliana have severe defects in stem elongation. ACL5 was previously reported as encoding a spermine synthase. A more recent study,Expand
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Quantitative analysis of plant polyamines including thermospermine during growth and salinity stress.
Arabidopsis thaliana was thought to contain two spermine synthase genes, ACAULIS 5 (ACL5) and SPMS. Recent investigations, however, revealed that the ACL5 gene encodes thermospermine synthase. InExpand
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Polyamine Oxidase5 Regulates Arabidopsis Growth through Thermospermine Oxidase Activity1[C][W]
An Arabidopsis mutant with defective polyamine oxidase5 exhibits delayed transition from vegetative to reproductive growth caused by lack of thermospermine oxidation. The major plant polyamines (PAs)Expand
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Constitutively and highly expressed Oryza sativa polyamine oxidases localize in peroxisomes and catalyze polyamine back conversion
Polyamine oxidases (PAOs) are FAD-dependent enzymes involved in polyamine (PA) catabolism. Recent studies have revealed that plant PAOs are not only active in the terminal catabolism of PAs asExpand
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The polyamine spermine protects Arabidopsis from heat stress-induced damage by increasing expression of heat shock-related genes
It is known that the polyamine (PA) biosynthetic pathway is modulated at the transcriptional level during abiotic stresses. Here we studied the expression of PA biosynthetic pathway genes uponExpand
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Thermospermine modulates expression of auxin-related genes in Arabidopsis
Thermospermine, a structural isomer of spermine, is widely distributed in the plant kingdom and has been shown to play a role in repressing xylem differentiation by studies of its deficient mutant,Expand
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Solvent extraction of 3B group metal ions from hydrochloric acid with trioctylphosphine oxide
Abstract The extraction of tervalent gallium, indium, and thallium has been studied with trioctylphosphine oxide (TOPO) in n-hexane from hydrochloric acid solutions in which the ionic concentrationExpand
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Polyamine oxidase 7 is a terminal catabolism-type enzyme in Oryza sativa and is specifically expressed in anthers.
Polyamine oxidase (PAO), which requires FAD as a cofactor, functions in polyamine catabolism. Plant PAOs are classified into two groups based on their reaction modes. The terminal catabolism (TC)Expand
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Arabidopsis mutant plants with diverse defects in polyamine metabolism show unequal sensitivity to exogenous cadaverine probably based on their spermine content
Arabidopsis plants do not synthesize the polyamine cadaverine, a five carbon-chain diamine and structural analog of putrescine. Mutants defective in polyamine metabolic genes were exposed toExpand
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