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Expression of Cux‐1 and Cux‐2 in the subventricular zone and upper layers II–IV of the cerebral cortex
Little is known about how neurons in the different layers of the mammalian cerebral cortex are specified at the molecular level. Expression of two homologues of the Drosophila homeobox Cut gene,Expand
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Sequential phases of cortical specification involve Neurogenin‐dependent and ‐independent pathways
Neocortical projection neurons, which segregate into six cortical layers according to their birthdate, have diverse morphologies, axonal projections and molecular profiles, yet they share a commonExpand
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Neural bHLH Genes Control the Neuronal versus Glial Fate Decision in Cortical Progenitors
We have addressed the role of the proneural bHLH genes Neurogenin2 (Ngn2) and Mash1 in the selection of neuronal and glial fates by neural stem cells. We show that mice mutant for both genes presentExpand
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Cux1 and Cux2 Regulate Dendritic Branching, Spine Morphology, and Synapses of the Upper Layer Neurons of the Cortex
Dendrite branching and spine formation determines the function of morphologically distinct and specialized neuronal subclasses. However, little is known about the programs instructing specificExpand
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A screen for downstream effectors of Neurogenin2 in the embryonic neocortex.
Neurogenin (Ngn) 1 and Ngn2 encode basic-helix-loop-helix transcription factors expressed in the developing neocortex. Like other proneural genes, Ngns participate in the specification of neuralExpand
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Cux-2 controls the proliferation of neuronal intermediate precursors of the cortical subventricular zone.
Whereas neurons of the lower layers (VI-V) of the cerebral cortex are first born from dividing precursors at the ventricular zone, upper layer neurons (II-IV) subsequently arise from divisions ofExpand
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Cux1 and Cux2 selectively target basal and apical dendritic compartments of layer II‐III cortical neurons
A number of recent reports implicate the differential regulation of apical and basal dendrites in autism disorders and in the higher functions of the human brain. They show that apical and basalExpand
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Paleontología del sistema de yacimientos de mamíferos miocenos del Cerro de los Batallones, Cuenca de Madrid
The Cerro de los Batallones (Los Batallones Butte) is located in the central-northern area of the Madrid Basin, central Spain. Six vertebrate localities containing a large variety of mammals togetherExpand
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Cux‐1 and Cux‐2 control the development of Reelin expressing cortical interneurons
Homeodomain transcription factors play important roles in the specification and differentiation of neuronal subpopulations. In the cerebral cortex, the expression patterns of Cux‐1 and Cux‐2 in theExpand
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Enrichment of Conserved Synaptic Activity-Responsive Element in Neuronal Genes Predicts a Coordinated Response of MEF2, CREB and SRF
A unique synaptic activity-responsive element (SARE) sequence, composed of the consensus binding sites for SRF, MEF2 and CREB, is necessary for control of transcriptional upregulation of the Arc geneExpand
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