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As Long as the Sun Shines, Grass Grows and Rivers Flow: A Century and a Half Measured through Artistic Activism
An open conversation that engages narratives of nationhood, resistance and resurgence through artistic expression. This panel unpacks the past, present and future of our co-existence on these lands
Biting the bullet: getting the best out of speaking practice in languages tutorials
This article discusses socio‐cultural and psycholinguistic issues regarding adult student integration in language tutorials in open and blended contexts when practising the skill of speaking and adds
Transitions : L'art contemporain des Indiens et des Inuits du Canada = Transitions : Contemporary Canadian Indian and Inuit Art
A catalogue made on the occasion of an exhibition consisting of works by twenty-four Canadian Indian and Inuit artists. Papatsie elaborates on how the Inuit artists challenge expectations by
Resultatives and Aetuals in SENCO'fEN
SENCOTEN Resultatives are used to describe the resulting state of an event, forming on Perfective bases by reduplication or ablaut. Actuals may also be formed by reduplication, though usually a