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Phylogeography and palaeodistribution modelling in the Patagonian steppe: the case of Mulinum spinosum (Apiaceae)
Aim  An integrative study of the endemic, yet ubiquitous, Patagonian shrub Mulinum spinosum (Apiaceae) was performed: (1) to assess the historical processes that influenced its geographical patternExpand
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Phylogeography and palaeodistribution modelling of Nassauvia subgenus Strongyloma (Asteraceae): exploring phylogeographical scenarios in the Patagonian steppe
The Patagonian steppe is an immense, cold, arid region, yet phylogeographically understudied. Nassauvia subgen. Strongyloma is a characteristic element of the steppe, exhibiting a continuum ofExpand
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Taxonomic re-evaluation of Panicum sections Tuerckheimiana and Valida (Poaceae: Panicoideae) using morphological and molecular data
Fil: Lizarazu, Mabel Angela. Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas y Tecnicas. Instituto de Botanica Darwinion. Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas y Naturales. Instituto deExpand
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Geographic Variation among Closely Related, Highly Variable Species with a Wide Distribution Range: The South Andean-Patagonian Nassauvia subgenus Strongyloma (Asteraceae, Nassauvieae)
Abstract Morphological variation among the five species of Nassauvia subgenus Strongyloma was assessed through statistical analyses of morphometric traits in populations throughout the southernExpand
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Broad interests reap benefits for science
We asked young scientists this question: How do broad interests benefit your science? Scientists with a variety of hobbies responded that their extracurricular activities have enhanced a wide rangeExpand
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Unraveling patterns and processes of diversification in the South Andean-Patagonian Nassauvia subgenus Strongyloma (Asteraceae, Nassauvieae).
Congruence among different sources of data is highly desirable in phylogenetic analyses. However, plastid and nuclear DNA may record different evolutionary processes such that incongruence amongExpand
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Phylogenetic analysis and taxonomic position of section Verrucosa of Panicum and its relationship with taxa of the Sacciolepis–Trichanthecium clade (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae)
The new genus Kellochloa is proposed, on the basis of morphological and molecular characters, to include two North American species of Panicum s.l., previously classified in sect. Verrucosa:Expand
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On the identity of the new family Pycnanthaceae Ravenna
En esta contribucion se analiza la posicion taxonomica de la familia Pycnanthaceae Ravenna; como resultado del analisis del material tipo de Pycnantha orchioides, este taxon es considerado unExpand
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Revisión de Paspalum grupo Gardneriana (Poaceae, Paspaleae)
El presente tratamiento incluye una revision taxonomica de las especies de Paspalum grupo Gardneriana. Dentro de este grupo se consideran siete especies, caracterizadas por incluir plantas anuales oExpand
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Nomenclatural and taxonomic study in species of Viola (Violaceae) from Argentina
During the revision of Viola for the Flora of Argentina project we detected names which need an exhaustive nomenclatural and taxonomic study. As a result of our analysis 43 lectotypes and threeExpand